Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Asus EcoBook BamBoo Laptop

The news of ASUS? bamboo notebook, the Ecobook, created a lot of buzz in the month of March 2008 this year. The Ecobook, will be the first laptop made of real bamboo. The ASUS’ green Ecobook aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible as ASUS is aiming for a 50% recyclable rate. The laptop touts biodegradable bamboo around the mouse pad, keyboard, and on the exteriors. The trackpad will also include a handwriting function that would let you use your fingers or stylus to enter text. The circular PowerGear button will glow red or green to indicate the amount of power being consumed. The internal components haven't been finalized yet. I know you are finding it tough to wait for the release. Well, you can check out the picture gallery for now to soothe your eyes.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ladybug MP3 Player

This is a children's MP3 player which would also act as a voice mail pager. Parents would record a voice mail over the phone, which would then be sent and played as an mp3 file, through the retractable ear phones. The feet are also retractable, allowing the user to take the player off the belt clip and place on a desk for listening. The spring loaded wings open up to reveal a card slot for extra flash memory. Spare wings would come in a variety of colors and can be swapped to customize the player for each individual user.


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