Monday, October 26, 2009

Digital Pocket Video Recorder (8GB Spy Edition)

Digital Video Recorders (8GB Spy Edition). This is a beautifully presented spy camera pen framed with a classy, gloss black exterior. Designed to look and work as a fully-functioning business pen, it is actually a DV camera for recording motion video or to still photographs of unsuspecting people. With its deceptively normal exterior, this is the perfect blend of modern technology and conventional stationery for all aspiring secret agents!

Place it on your desk, on a shelf, or in your shirt pocket - it is the perfect covert device!

Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Primary Function: Video recording "Spy Pen" and USB drive with 8 GB's of

  • Camera Specifications:
    - Color CMOS sensor
    - Auto White Balance Adjustment
    - Focus Range: 150mm ~ Infinity
    - Internal Flash Memory: 8GB

  • Capture Specifications:
    - Format: AVI
    - Frame Rate: 10 FPS
    - Capture Resolution: 640x480

  • Power Source: Internal Battery

  • Battery Life: Approx 100 minutes

  • Dimension: 150mm (L) x 16mm (Diameter)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Super-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

Looking for a small wireless keyboard to bring along when you’re out on the roads? This palm-sized 83 key Bluetooth model might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

It can replace the normal big wire keyboard and users can control and typing away from the PC freely. It is great for lecturers, teachers and businessmen for presentation and for

Product Specifications:

  • Bluetooth V2.0
  • 83 keys
  • Connect button to connect Bluetooth in your PC
  • On / Off button at the back
  • Max. distance: 15m
  • Powered by 2pcs AAA batteries (Not included)
  • Size: 140*70*13mm
  • Weight: 65g

Price $39 [via]


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