Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bluetooth MP3 Player Watch

Bluetooth MP3 Player Watch 2GB - Stereo Bluetooth Earphone

Supports MP3 and WMA music format. It comes bundled with multi-use Stereo Bluetooth arphone which is compatible not only with the MP3 Wrist Watch, but also with Bluetooth enabled Mobiles and Computers.

Manufacturer Specifications

* Support MP3 and WMA music format

* Portable U Disk

* Recording function

* Repeat from A-B Model

* EQ: 5Ms

* Wireless stereo earphone

* Stereo Bluetooth Earphone compatible with Mobile and Computer

* MP3 Solution: Sigmatel 3504a

* Watch Movement: Citizen 2035

* Bluetooth solution of Earphone: CSR

* Bluetooth Solution of Watch: CSR

* Wafer Glasses made in Japan

* PU Strap made by Bayer

* AL Case

* Water and Shock resistance


* Memory: built-in 2GB

* Power: Build-in rechargeable 3.7V polymer lithium battery

* Continuing playing time: 4 Hours each time after full charging

* USB transmission Speed: USB2.0

* MP3 Bit: 32Kbps-320Kbps

* WMA Bit: 32Kbps-192Kbps

* Recording spot-check frequency: 16KHZ

* Record time: 260 Min for 128MB

* Frequency range: 20-20KHZ

* Operation System: Windows Me/2000/XP/Mac OS8.6 or more

* Standard for Bluetooth: V1.2, Support Hs/HF, A/V Profiles

* Standby time of Bluetooth Earphone: 150Hs

* Time of continuing use for Bluetooth earphone: 6Hs

* Transmission Distance: 10M

* Charging time: 2Hs



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