Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ladybug Dock for your iPod and iPhone-Award winning Gadget

Design company, Vestalife has announced an award winning (CES Innovation Design and Engineering Award) gadget for the iPod and iPhone - The Vestalife Ladybug.

The new 2.1 speaker dock designed in the shape of a ladybug is a definate winner in the looks department with intuitive controls, LED volume level indicators and a metallic soft-touch rubber finish. But looks are meaningless without performance therefore, you’ll be happy to know that the device produces excellent sound quality and boasts a built-in subwoofer that vibrates the wings at the sound of bass.


Includes iPod universal dock. Compatible with any iPod with dock connector;
Charges most dockable iPod models;
Built-in subwoofer;
Digital amplifier technology;
Includes full function remote control and carrying tote bag;
AC or battery powered (4 AA batteries not included);
Battery saving automatic shut-off;
Auxiliary-in jack to connect non-docking iPod, CD players, & other MP3 players;
AV out for video output;
USB connector for synchronizing with your computer;
Includes dock connectors for 5g, nano & iPodmini;
Charges iPod when connected to AC;


  1. it snot that good as it can win an award

  2. very beautiful invention.its to hard work.. i thank to maker.. he show us some thing new



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